Linköping Ica Maxi

Scandinavia’s largest in-store farm, launched in May 2021.

Swegreen X

Swegreen X is our research center and laboratory where we develop and test new leafy greens. The laboratory is located in the DN Tower in Stockholm.

Vattenfall Berlin

Under 2022 installerades en anläggning på Vattenfalls huvudkontor i Berlin, odling förser personalrestaurangen med dagliga grödor.

Hemköp Östenssons Norrköping

During the spring of 2023, Östenssons installed their first in-store farm in Norrköping.

Östgöta Kök Norrköping

In May 2023, Norrköping's first in-store farm for restaurant at Östgöta Kök.

ICA Kvantum Emporia

In May 2023, Malmö got its first in-store farm at ICA Kvantum Emporia.

Stora Coop Stuvsta

In May 2023, Stora Coop Stuvsta in southern Stockholm opened their first in-store farm.

Coop Forum Haninge

In May 2023, Stora Coop Haninge in southern Stockholm opened their first in-store farm.

Stora Coop Bromma

At Coop in Bromma Blocks, an in-store farm was installed in early June of 2023.

ICA Maxi Ängelholm

During the fall of 2023, Swegreen will roll out its second in-store farm in Skåne at ICA Maxi Ängelholm.

Edeka München

In the autumn of 2023, Germany will welcome its first Swegreen in-store farm in Munich.

"Ica Maxi Lindhagen

Under hösten 2022 öppnade Stockholms enda Ica Maxi-butik inom tullarna, Ica Maxi Lindhagen sin butiksodling.

Stockholm Fotografiska

Swegreen’s first restaurant (and museum) unit, providing leafy greens, herbs and spices that are used at Museum of Photography, Fotografiska’s, restaurant daily since September 2021.

Uppsala Ica Maxi Stenhagen

We installed this unit in the end of 2021, Uppsala’s first in-store farm.

Solna Ica Maxi

The first of the bunch in Stockholm. The in-store farm in Solna was installed in September 2021.

Gothenburg Ica Focus

One of our early adopter customer breaking new grounds, it was already installed after summer of 2020.