引入Freja, our immense model that blends cutting-edge technology, 气候控制, 和自动化. Freja isn't just our largest – it's bold. Freja is designed for the larger supermarkets, and the trendsetter retailers with a potent business case.

Freja isn't just a cultivation platform; it's a statement. Unleashing a daily production capacity of approximately 450 crops (app.13 500 per month) – lettuce, 十大靠谱网赌平台, and aromatic herbs and spices – within a compact 60m2 arena. You are offering your customers produce so fresh, it practically hums with vitality.

Take control, embrace sustainability, and seize your share of the future. By embracing Freja, you're not just growing; you're evolving and making a statement. Customers won't just visit your store; they'll have shopping experience. 当你播种时 and harvest, we're your backstage crew, providing technical support, training through our Swegreen academy, and unwavering support.

Join us in this venture. Together, we'll craft your daily harvest. Our Cloud system, your co-pilot, will guide you every step of the way. Picture your customers enjoying pesticide-free, farm-fresh crops – no transportation, and a minimal environmental footprint. Let's cultivate a conversation and explore the horizon of climate-smart agriculture.

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Meet 埃尔莎, the dynamic little sibling of the Freja & 埃尔莎姐妹关系. While smaller in stature, there's nothing modest about its efficiency and performance. 这是紧凑的, yet it packs a punch – making it the go-to choice for smaller supermarkets with big ambitions.

埃尔莎 is all about redefining the possibilities. Within its modest 45m2 footprint, it orchestrates a daily production capacity of around 300 crops (app. 9000 per months) – a medley of lettuce, 十大靠谱网赌平台 and herbs that are as vibrant as they are flavorful.

Think of 埃尔莎 as your green companion, your sustainable sidekick. 当你播种时 and reap, we're right by your side, offering training and guidance. Your customers will thank you for the freshness that bursts from every bite, for the goodness that comes straight from your establishment.

Become part of the revolution in food sourcing. Embrace 埃尔莎 and embark on a journey towards greener, fresher tomorrows. For more details on this futuristic climate-smart approach to farming, reach out to us – we're excited to share the story of 埃尔莎 with you!

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Prepare to meet 传奇, our newest model and cultivation platform. 最小的, but our mighty flagship model – 传奇 defies size to bring a revolution in sustainability to smaller grocery stores, 酒店, 和餐馆.

Imagine 传奇 as your key to the green revolution, tailored for those with a more compact footprint. In sizes Small, Medium, and Large, it's the door-opener to a new era in on-site cultivation. Even with limited space, you can now offer your customers a taste of locally grown, climate-smart salads and herbs, 一年四季.

With a floor space need of less that 6 m2 meters (5,6长), the SAGA S delivers a delightful chorus of 68 crops (mix of lettuces & 草药)每天. Medium, stretching to 10 m2 meters, yields 89 crops per day. 至于大号, extending to 12 m2 of floorspace (9,2长), it brings forth an impressive 116 crops daily. All share a width of 1.3 meters and stand tall at 2.5米. 传奇 isn't just about growing greens; it's about growing greener tomorrows. It's an ode to sustainability, an ode to fresh flavor. 当你播种时, 所以你会收获, and we'll be right there beside you, ensuring smooth sailing all the way.

Think of 传奇 as a piece of your sustainability puzzle. It's not just about flavor; it's about impact. With no transportation involved, pesticide-free produce, and an incredibly low CO2 footprint, 传奇 embodies the very essence of a green transition.

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Introducing some of our SWEGREENS

The product of our cutting-edge Swedish innovation, we proudly present our Swegreens. Irresistibly delicious, these are no ordinary greens. They're a conscious choice that lets you rock the planet's health while treating your taste buds. Because let's face it, 与Swegreens, you're not just eating – you're shaping the future and savoring every bite. We offer approximately 100 sorts of greens to choose from to our customers in smaller combinations of herbs and lettuces.




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